Click to enlargeFrank Maloy Fiddle Tunes
Includes standard notation music for all tunes.

1. Magic Melody Reel (A Musical Tribute to George ”Uncle Charlie” Young)
Daniel Greeson

2. Queen of the Delta Waltz
Tom Mindte & Taylor Baker

3. At Break of Dawn Waltz
Casey Driscoll & Nate Leath

4. City of Albany Waltz
Casey Driscoll

5. Nancy’s After Hours Blues
Casey Driscoll

6. The Johnny & Phylys Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame Waltz
Casey Driscoll

7. Henry Rutland’s Country Classic Waltz
Patrick McAvinue

8. Shadow Moss Waltz
Casey Driscoll

9. Arty Missy Candy Fishy Georgia Yancey Barntown Williams Rag No. 1
Based on the playing style of Joseph Henry Bullington
Brennen Ernst

10. The Junior Jump Waltz
Corrina Rose Logston

11. Swingin’ Sue’s Swing Fiddle Swing
Casey Driscoll

12. The Rhythm Master’s Red Tag Waltz
Nate Leath

13. The Pete & Faye Hatfield Old Time Key of G Rag
Billy Hurt, Jr.

14. The Rhythm Master’s Light and Easy Swing
Casey Driscoll

15. Washington County Georgia Hornpipe
Casey Driscoll

16. Polly’s Old Time Country Waltz
Nate Leath

17. Leon Kennington Waltz
Nate Grower

18. Queen of the Delta Waltz
The Maloy Brothers (Frank & Joe)

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