Click to enlargeTex Rubinowitz & Bob Newscaster
The Original Dixieland Rock 'N' Roll Band
The Old Man Mississippi

Blue Yodel Number Nine
BeBopaLula Stole My Heart
The Old Man Mississippi (New Orleans, Louisiana, the Mother of Us All)
I Dreamed I Heard Buddy Bolden Play
Trying to Get to You
One Night Stand
Dixiebilly Bop
Nelly-Bout Ready
All Night Long
The Sweetest Sound
What's the Matter with the Mill (Millery, Alabama, Summer 1951)
Honky Tonk Masterpiece
Corrina Corrina
Brakeman's Blues
Make a Deal with The Devil
St. James Infirmary

Patuxent- No Club CD-304 Tex Rubinowitz & Bob Newscaster. "The Old Man Mississippi" 660498030424$13.50

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