Click to enlargeAlan Jabbour & Stephen Wade
at the Library of Congress
Americana Concert

Stony Point
Introductory Remarks / Thoughts on Stony Point and Shoes and Stockings
Shoes and Stockings
Thoughts on Santa Anna's Retreat
Santa Anna's Retreat
Thoughts on Bonaparte's Retreat
Bonaparte's Retreat
Thoughts on Washington's March
Washington's March
Thoughts on Paddy on the Turnpike
Paddy on the Turnpike
Thoughts on Isom Waltz
Isom Waltz
Thoughts on Schottische
Thoughts on Ragged Bill
Ragged Bill
Thoughts on Shooting Creek
Shooting Creek
Thoughts on Cabin Creek
Cabin Creek
Thoughts on Falls of Richmond
Falls of Richmond
Thoughts on Betty Likens
Betty Likens
Thoughts on Liza Jane
Liza Jane / Liza Jane
Thoughts on Red Fox / Leather Britches
Red Fox / Leather Britches

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